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NEET Exam 2021

NEET Exam 2021


NEET is the common medical entrance exam for studying for a medical degree in India. And it also serves as the essential requirement for any doctor willing to practice in India even after studying MBBS abroad. 

For many students who are looking for NEET long-term preparations in Hyderabad, India, we’ve covered everything you need to know while looking for NEET long-term coaching centers in your place. 


From 2019, after the enactment of the NMC act, NEET became the sole and must entrance test for students who are willing to pursue MBBS in or outside India and practice back in India.

So, even if you are willing to pursue MBBS abroad, qualifying for NEET is a prerequisite unless you wish to practice overseas and never in India. 

NEET long term After 12th?

Many institutions embed NEET coaching right from the 8th standard to the 12th, the NEET syllabus. So if you’re unable to make it to the list on the first attempt, i.e., post-12th, you can reconsider appearing for NEET after a year, with more time to prepare this time. 

Getting enrolled for a long-term is need more of its time and effort, not physically but mentally. Most of your friends are already in college, and you appear for the same exam – this taboo might affect your performance. Best NEET coaching centers will help you stay focused with rigorous practice, tests, self-evaluation, and of course, motivation. 

NEET long term meaning:

NEET long term means apart from the foundation course, which are in the classes 8th to 10th, you are trained with the whole syllabus in the 11th and 12th, which are considered long-term coaching. So even if you didn’t make it to the final list after this, you might reconsider joining a long-term coaching program, which helps you recall the syllabus with coaching, tests, and everything else you need. 

Is NEET long term really worth it?

NEET long term worth your time. You’ve already missed with a beat last time. Joining NEET long-term will help you identify what makes you fragile, what’s your hotspot, and helps you know how to overcome them. 

The best NEET coaching centers will help you cover the entire syllabus in 6months to one year, with all the training you need, exams to enhance yourself, and motivation to perform well. 

What are the alternatives?

NEET is the most important exam for your MBBS admission in 2021. But, you can study MBBS abroad in 2021 even without a NEET score. There are many top colleges abroad that offer MBBS admission without a NEET score. Therefore, qualifying for the NEET exam would suffice to open your MBBS doors abroad.

MBBS abroad:

There are many top colleges abroad that offer top-notch MBBS course admission without NEET in 2021. So you can opt for the best universities and colleges and skyrocket your career. 

The Philippines and Kazakhstan are considered as the cheapest MCI and WHO-approved medical education options. Georiga is regarded as one of the top medical education providers in Europe and Central America, a prominent medical education provider and renowned as the most successful medical institution and highway to the USA. 

Contact EdPlus:

Selecting a suitable college amongst the plethora of options available abroad might be confusing, and application, admission, and visa processes might be a hassle without proper knowledge or guidance. 
But with EdPlus, you can evade all your hurdles to reach MBBS abroad dreams. We guide you throughout the process, complete your admission formalities, applying for the visa, and assist even post-departure.
Contact the best abroad MBBS consultants in Hyderabad, India. 
Call us now. 

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