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MBBS In Spain – Admissions, Eligibility, Fees, Cost Of Living

MBBS in Spain – Admissions, Eligibility, Fees, Cost of Living

MBBS in Spain – Admissions, Eligibility, Fees, Cost of Living

Spain is a beautiful country loaded with sophistication, perfection, and comprehensive education. MBBS in Spain is one of the most preferred courses by many national and international students in Spain. Many students across the globe come all the way to study MBBS in Spain – this shows Spain’s impact on
global medical education.

MBBS in Spain:

MBBS in Spain is the dream course for many students, but the lack of guidance let it a dream for many. Here in this blog, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know while applying for medicine in Spain. If you’re willing to study MBBS in Spain, this blog is a prerequisite for you!

Study MBBS in Spain:

Spain is one of the significant countries of the European Union and accredited by many international bodies as a valid medical education provider. Many strive to study MBBS in Spain despite its numerous opportunities, incredible learning, and exceptional approach. Spain is a boon for Indian students, as most medical colleges provide special hostel facilities and food for Indian students while
allowing them to learn and mix in the diverse Spanish culture.

MBBS in Spain for Indian students:

Many amenities and facilities that Spanish Universities provide made Spain heaven for Indian students. MBBS course is taught in English across many universities in Spain, allowing students to concentrate more on medical learning than learning a completely new language.
The huge Indian student community, exclusive Indian food, and Indian hostels made MBBS in Spain a priority for many Indian students.

Advantages of MBBS in Spain:

The advantages of MBBS in Spain are diverse and numerous, along with impeccable learning. The advanced lifestyle it provides, awesome learning opportunities it offers, and affordable fees it requires are some of the notable advantages of studying MBBS in Spain. Here, we listed some of the significant
advantages of medical education in Spain.

  • MBBS in Spain is considered one of the best in the world because of its incredible standards and affordable fees.
  • The mode of teaching is English, which eases the learning process.
  • National Medical Committee and other medical governing bodies support medicine there.
  • Medicine in Spain is advantageous to your career as most universities promote employment opportunities.
  • Sophisticated labs and learning centers enhance your learning.
  • MBBS in Spain is considered safe and affordable for Indian students.
  • Instructors in Spanish Universities are well-qualified and versed with subjects.
  • A doctoral degree in Spain is recognized by the Medical Council of India.

There are even many benefits in pursuing MBBS in Spain. Get to know everything. Give us a call at +91 9177734565.

Eligibility to study MBBS in Spain:

The eligibility to study MBBS in Spain is simple and easy. STEM qualification is one among the minimal admission requirements of Spain. Having STEM subjects, having a +2 certificate, and NEET qualification is some prerequisites to study in Spain.
Qualifying the NEET is mandatory for only those students who are willing to practice in India aftermath. There’s no additional entrance exam is required for admission into Spanish universities.

Admission process for MBBS in Spain:

The admission process for MBBS in Spain is quite understandable and hassle-free. Consulting an experienced abroad education consultant like EdPlus helps you to study with no complications.
Our study abroad experts at EdPlus curated the most vital steps to your Spanish medical admission here.

  • Fill in the application form with no errors.
  • The student will have to mail the application form directly to the respective college or university.
  • Offline applications can be mailed along with necessary documents directly to the university according to their procedures.
  • Upon receiving the offer letter, students will have to pay their affirmation fee.
  • After obtaining the offer and paying the affirmation fee, students must have to look for a Spain embassy near them and apply for a visa with required documents and fundamental reports.
  • After following prescribed procedures, students will receive their visas.
  • Once you’re done with your documentation, visa, and admission procedure, you may book your tickets to fly to your dreams.

These are the most common steps to study MBBS in Spain. Depending on your preferred college or university, procedures may change according to their norms.

Cost of studying MBBS in Spain:

The cost of studying MBBS in Spain is less and affordable on comparing with many Indian medical colleges and universities. Depending on the college or university you choose, the fee range may vary from 4500 to 7500 USD for one year. Depending on preferences cost of living can be 180 USD, more or less.


If you’re dreaming of pursuing MBBS in Europe, then Spain is your paradise. With all the learning opportunities and growth opportunities, MBBS in Spain is heaven for Indian students. Although the eligibility to study is minimal, there are numerous advantages of pursuing MBBS in Spain. We’ve explained everything about the admission process and the cost of studying MBBS in Spain.
For more information or complete abroad education guidance, contact the best overseas education consultants in Hyderabad, EdPlus now.

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