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Abroad MBBS consultancy in Hyderabad

For beginners looking to establish themselves in the medical field, abroad MBBS admission will be a handy option to excel in their career. Those who are seeking MBBS abroad consulting services can visit EdPlus – Best MBBS Consultancy in Hyderabad. Talk to our educational counsellors to check the learning facilities, tuition fee & living expenses at the Best Universities to Study MBBS abroad.

We provide detailed counselling to the aspirants with experienced abroad educational professionals. The students & their parents are clearly informed of all the options available to them globally and by the end of our counselling, students will be able to pick which destination is the best for them. Apart from counselling guidance to globally accredited and recognized Medical Universities, we at Ed Plus assist aspiring students with:

  • Securing Admission
  • Tuition fee Payments
  • Bank Loan Advice
  • Living Expenses Estimate
  • Visa to study MBBS abroad
  • Pre-departure Briefings

Ed Plus services do not end with a pre-departure briefing, we accompany the students who are travelling to some med schools and facilitate the students with separate Hygienic hostels for boys & girls.


In this first stage, parents/students are provided with information about the MBBS/MD courses offered at various universities in different countries.

Student Counselling

In tune with the student aspirations, a briefing on budget, academic credentials, overseas Medical Universities and their learning benefits is given.

Applying to the University

After counselling, the processing fee needs to be cleared to initiate an application to the University/ College of your choice. However, before applying, the counsellors validate the admission requirements stipulated by the educational institute, including the qualification in the NEET examination as mandated by the Medical Council of India (MCI).


Overseas Travel Arrangement

After the Visa is issued, the student is advised to book an Air Ticket on well-connected & affordable Airlines. However, if the parents wish ED Plus to book the Air Ticket, the necessary arrangement would be made on an actual cost basis.

Visa Application

With all the documents required by the country of your choice, a perfect Visa application will be submitted to get the Visa approval from your country of destination.

Confirmation of Admission

After forwarding the student’s application, a professional follows up with your chosen medical institute to get the approval status.


Pre-Departure Session

Before the scheduled departure to the Overseas University Campus, students would be advised on their stay at the hostel, type of clothes and other personal items they need to carry, required foreign exchange, pre-loaded debit cards, user-friendly inexpensive International SIM card, academic credentials, photographs, etc. Further, students would sufficiently be advised on the dos and don’ts of local travel at their port of entry.

University Campuses Visit

For the intakes of September, January and May one of the Senior Staff Members from ED Plus would accompany the students to the campus for a hassle-free placing of the students in the hostel and later at the University Dean’s office to fulfil the classroom, library and sport coaching companies viz. issue of identity card, library card etc.

Tuition Fee & Documentation

On the official confirmation of the admission, you are informed of the 1st instalment fee that needs to be remitted to your college/university and all other required documentation for Visa processing will be thoroughly scrutinized.


Support Services

After seeing off the students at the Overseas University Campuses, ED Plus team maintains a regular interaction with the hostel warden on the well-being of the student (s) and with the Dean’s office on the academic progress. Any issues that need a parental intervention would be brought to the notice of the parents.

24 Hour Helpline

We are just a call away!
Anytime, students/parents in distress can request for intervention on academic as well as non-academic matters. They will be attended to without any delay.

PG – Career Guidance

Soon after the students clear MD 1&2, career guidance would be offered to them on the futuristic career options viz. PG in Medicine either in the USA/Canada.

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